Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 30 Wednesday 6pm WILL be held!

A continued Happy Holidays to you all!

I originally wrote that the Dec. 30 evening Holiday class may be canceled -- I have since heard from 3 other people who are interested in attending....so this class will be held.    Come if you'd like!

Consider also coming to the New Year's Day class, 1:00pm -- 3:05pm.   It will be a fun class, with a focus on standing poses for the first hour, and a focus on floor poses the second hour, with inversions according to ability and experience.   It's open to all.   You can choose to come to both hours or just one of the two hours:   1:00 -- 2:00,   2:05 -- 3:05.   (Very short break in between).

Fees for the New Year's Day class:
One hour        $8 if prepay     $10 drop-in
Both hours     $16 prepay      $20 drop-in
You can pay online, from our website, through PayPal.

Our seven week Winter session starts on Monday, January 4.
(Not that Winter only lasts 7 weeks, of course, but I'm optimistically calling the subsequent session "Early Spring", to start at the beginning of March!)

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