Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reflections on Practice

If you're a student of mine, you've heard me repeatedly encourage you all to practice yoga in between classes.   You've heard how important your own practice is for you to benefit more fully from the effects of the poses on your body, mind, and spirit.   Also when you practice, the poses become easier, and you probably enjoy your classes even more (and maybe you'll decide to step up to the next level if your class starts to feel too easy!).

You know that it's good to practice.   I know it.   But....still....I know it's difficult for many of you to find time to practice.   And the same poses continue to be difficult for you, and more difficult poses are out of the question.


One of my joys each week is to sing with the Women's Chamber Chorus in Ann Arbor.   This is a community choir for women -- there are no tryouts, and any woman who can carry a tune and can learn the music is invited to join.   Our director is patient with us -- he's a good director and a good teacher, especially for those of us who never had much vocal music experience (besides singing in the shower, or in the car with the windows rolled up, or campfire songs....but I digress).

AND he strongly encourages us to practice in between our rehearsals. I practice???    Well.... occasionally.   Occasionally.   I'm not going to tell you how little I practice.   Of course when I do practice, the music that is difficult for me really is easier next time we all get together, and I remember it better than if I just sing it during rehearsals.     And I enjoy the music and it feels so good when I do get it right!   So why don't I practice regularly???   Same reasons as everyone else.    I procrastinate,  I get involved with other activities, some necessary, and some not-as-necessary.    It's hard to get started, especially on a more difficult piece.   It's also more fun to do with a group (a few of you are in that group -- it's a great group to sing with).   But practice does make a huge difference in my level of competency and enjoyment in that group. 

Our concert is coming up quickly, and we don't have all of the pieces pulled together yet.   I don't want to be a part of the problem if certain pieces don't come together well, so.....maybe it's time to create my own "30 Day Challenge" for this music, such as I offered to you all earlier this winter.   If I set a goal, just for the next few weeks, of only 15 minutes a day, I will have this music under control for the concert.   And it'll feel GOOD!   Wish me luck!

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