Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yoga For Menopausal Symptoms

I know this topic isn't useful to many segments of the population, but some of you will be very interested in this information!

I just finished another online yoga page on, Yoga For Menopausal Symptoms.  (See side bar for more of my yoga pages on Squidoo.)

It gives an overview of the common symptoms that women experience during menopause, and the kinds of yoga poses that can help ease these symptoms.

In general, restorative poses and inversions are the most useful poses to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings (irritability, depression, agitation), and insomnia and fatigue.  

Restorative poses (quiet, supported, nurturing poses) soothe our jangled nervous system, and help to balance the endocrine system.   These poses are cooling, and give us much needed rest for the body and mind.

Inversions, either supported or unsupported, also help to balance the endocrine system and calm the mind.   For those who have already been practicing headstand and shoulder balance, these continue to be key poses for our health throughout menopause.   For those who are newer to yoga, simpler inversions such as "Legs Up the Wall" pose will be very beneficial.

We can still maintain our active yoga practice during menopause, but our physical and mental health will benefit from the addition of more restorative work.

In my experience, my practice doesn't eliminate my menopausal symptoms, but it does ease them significantly, and I'm not distracted by them.

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