Friday, June 25, 2010

Yoga and Summer Activities / Summer discount for private lessons

It's summer, and the weather is gorgeous!    We've been out to a local lake a couple times to swim and kayak, I've been walking more, and of course doing more yard work (mowing the grass, weeding).

Because of my yoga practice, these summer activities don't leave me feeling overly sore or tired, because my body is already mostly "in shape" for what I want to do.

Of course I do feel a little sore after doing  these activities for the first time since last summer, but not nearly as much as if I didn't have my yoga practice!

And from learning to use the body efficiently in yoga, I know how to figure out how to use the body more efficiently in my other activities.


Maybe you've also experienced that your practice of yoga asanas (postures) has resulted in more ease and less pain in your other activities.

Often people's schedules change somewhat during the summer.  Some yoga students have time to take more yoga classes, and some have less time because of travel and other activities.   I suggest that you not giving up yoga entirely during the summer (you knew I'd say that, right?), because of the benefits that extend into your other activities.

You may also be interested in taking Individual or Small Group lessons where you chose the theme of the lesson.   Maybe you'd like help figuring out how yoga can benefit your other summer activities.

Or maybe you'd like assistance in figuring out how yoga can help you with minor health issues.   Or to work on problem poses, or just to ask questions about your practice.

For the rest of this summer, through August 31, 2010, I'm offering a discount for Individual/Small group lessons.
1 hour for $60 (rather than $70)

This works best if you've already taken a few regular classes with me, just so I can get to know how your body works in various poses.

This discount isn't currently listed on the Harmony Yoga of Ann Arbor website.   You can contact me for more information, or talk to me before or after your class.

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