Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yoga for Seniors (Aging and Yoga)

Yoga for Seniors - Aging Well
 As the Baby-boomer and the Silent (Great Depression and WW2) generations age, there are more yoga classes that are suitable for seniors than ever before. 

My Gentle Class at Harmony Yoga, comprised mostly of students over age 60 (okay, I know a few are a little younger!), is currently my largest class, and overall has the most stable student base of all of my classes.   People who attend have discovered that the practice of yoga, done in a slow-paced, mindful way, has helped them remain healthier as they get older.

Many of my students in that class have mentioned that their joints feel better, they're stronger and more flexible, and feel better overall from attending yoga classes regularly.

If you're a Baby-boomer or older, and are looking for a way to keep your body and mind healthier as you age, consider trying out a class specifically with your age range in mind.

Class names might include:
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Seniors Yoga
  • Ageless Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
If you're already healthy and relatively fit, a general Beginning Level class may be fine for you as well.

Read Yoga for Seniors - Aging Well for benefits of yoga in seniors, tips for choosing a class, and suggested resources.

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