Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How well do you know your yoga pose names?  Do you remember their English names?  Do you know them in Sanskrit?

Some time ago I created an online page, Quiz Yourself on Yoga Pose Names, with three short Yoga Pose Quizzes.   Each quiz is only 8 questions.

  • The first quiz is English Names of Yoga Standing Poses
  • The second quiz is on the English names of 8 more poses
  • The third quiz is on the Sanskrit names for 8 poses.
The first quiz is the easiest, while the second and third quizzes are a little more difficult.  Test yourself to see how well you know your yoga poses!

As I mentioned on the page, they can be "open book" quizzes.

You can search the web for different sites that show yoga poses and their names, such as YogaJournal.com .

Or you might have your own yoga books that you can check for the English and Sanskrit names for yoga poses.

My suggestions for good books for learning more about yoga poses, including their English and Sanskrit names are any of these excellent Iyengar Yoga books:

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