Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Yoga Christmas Card

I usually don't promote items like this on the Harmony Yoga blog, but I was looking for a fun Yoga card to celebrate the holidays and I found this on Zazzle.

Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Rudolph are shown happily holding some nice-looking yoga poses:
  • Rudolph is doing Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II)
  • Mrs. Claus is in Paripurna navasana (Full Boat)
  • Santa is in Vasisthasana (Side plank named after the sage Vasistha)
Inside the card is, "May the spirit of the season move you."

These aren't mass-produced cards that you'd find in Hallmarks, so they do cost a little more, but they're also very unique!

Greeting card size is $3.15 / card with discounts at 10, 20, and 50 cards (more if you buy larger amounts).   A note card is $2.60, again with discounts.

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