Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gentle Yoga Class at Harmony Yoga of Ann Arbor

We have more space in the Gentle class again, since a few people have moved on to other classes.

How does the Gentle Yoga class differ from our other classes at Harmony Yoga?    It's a good class for anyone who prefers a slower-paced, more supported approach to learning the yoga poses.

You might especially benefit from these classes if:
  1. You have taken some time off from your yoga practice or your usual exercise routine and want to ease back into a healthy exercise program.
  2. You have certain difficulties in other yoga classes that frustrate you (balance issues, weakness or other problems in the joints or muscles).
  3. You've injured yourself in some activity and are worried about coming into a regular yoga class.
  4. You're a "mature-bodied" person, and want to maintain your strength, balance, and flexibility as you grow older.
  5. You have a hectic life, and want to take time to slow down, while still doing some good stretching and gentle strengthening work.
In the Gentle class we do many of the same poses that are done in other classes, but often with more props, and we take our time getting there.   For standing poses (one of the hallmarks of Iyengar yoga), we almost always use the support of the wall or a chair to stabilize ourselves.   This way we can hold the pose for longer, and work toward more optimal alignment with more ease.   We use the chairs for many purposes -- stability for standing poses, as I mentioned; downward and upward facing dog poses with hands to the chair instead of the floor;  sitting in the chair for twists or certain arm and leg stretches, and a number of other uses.   We do a few more restorative/ recuperative / resting poses than the other classes as well.  

If you're new to Harmony Yoga, or haven't been to classes for awhile, you're welcome to take your first Gentle class for no charge if you mention this post.   Or if you have a friend who you think would benefit from and enjoy a class like this, please pass on this information.

The Gentle class meets Tuesday mornings, 9:30 -- 11:00.  For more class information, descriptions and fees, go to:  http://harmonyyogaannarbor.com/classes.html

This is a friendly group of people, and we'd love to have you come to the class!

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