Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving week classes at Harmony Yoga

There will be classes at Harmony Yoga during Thanksgiving week -- the same schedule as usual, except no classes on Thanksgiving.

Since I've been hearing that a few regular students are sick (at least one person with H1N1) or are recovering from illnesses, and since Thanksgiving week can stressful to many (extra cooking, extra cleaning, extra relatives),  I'm planning to teach the regularly scheduled Wednesday 6:00pm class  as a "restorative / recuperative" class, including simple pranayamas (breathing exercises).

The regularly scheduled Saturday 9:30am class will be a "spirited" class to help work off our Thanksgiving meals!   It will be a lively, active class with a number of standing poses and twists, as well as our inversions (to your own capacity).

 **** IF THERE IS ENOUGH INTEREST ****                        
I'll add a Friday 9:30 -- 11:00am post-Thanksgiving class to help with digestion :-)   This will mostly be a restorative / recuperative class but also with few more intense twists to aid the digestive system.
I'll only teach this class if there are a minimum of 4 "firm" registrations by Monday, Nov. 23 (i.e., if at least 4 will commit to attending this class -- otherwise it doesn't make sense to add this extra class.    "Maybe's" are okay, only if I also have the 4 "for sure's").

The restorative /recuperative classes and the "spirited" class are open to all, regardless of whether these are your regularly scheduled class times.

You can use any of these classes as "make-up" classes.
If you're registered for another weekly class this session at Harmony Yoga, you can pay $12 for any of these special Thanksgiving week classes.
You can attend as a drop-in -- either using your class card, or pay $15.

I'll have more information at the studio on Monday, November 16.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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