Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 30 of 30 Day Yoga Challenge!

We're done with the "Challenge"!   How did it go for you?   I know it went well for many of you during the first couple weeks, but I get the feeling that people slowed down these last couple weeks.

How can I make it a more effective program the next time we do this?   Would you do it another time?

Would it help to have a "log" at the studio for you to post your practice/class hours?
Would it help to have a couple of workshop classes designed to help you develop your own home practice?
Would it help to have open practice hours at the studio?
Would it help to have a "competition" -- those who completed the "Challenge" would get some sort of "prize"?

I'm hoping that the program at least gave you all some confidence that you can do your own practice at home, and that it doesn't have to be something "difficult" to schedule for yourselves.   Doing a few minutes each day is more effective than for an hour once every couple weeks.

In a couple classes this past week I mentioned that Geeta Iyengar (daughter of B.K.S. Iyengar) was asked what pose she would practice if she could only do one on any given day.   She answered that she'd do an inversion (headstand, shoulder stand).   Keep this in mind for your own practice.   Geeta says that poses that bring the head below the heart and/or the feet above the heart bring harmony to the body and mind.

If you're not practicing shoulderstand and headstand regularly, consider adding them to your practice, especially shoulderstand.  If you can't do either, do downward facing dog pose and then lie with legs up the wall to get the inversion benefits.Healthcare Yoga Lift Relaxation Station

(This image is of a devise that makes "headstands" possible for people with neck problems)

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